SMHC’s Unique Web Home

You’ll notice that this Web site looks a little different than the sites of other education organizations. We’ve designed this specifically to frequently post new content and gather feedback from you to help drive the conversation about what Strategic Management of Human Capital (SMHC) is all about. We have a “Resources” page where we will be posting research and background pieces on issues related to recruiting, developing, rewarding and retaining talent. But we also will be posting on our blog on a daily and weekly basis other reports from our Task Force members, as well as relevant news and Web content. All the resources on our site are geared towards encouraging real action locally. We will provide the tools local leaders need to make necessary changes in school district polices and procedures.


We invite you to come back to the site on a regular basis to find the latest education news, particularly as it pertains to talent management issues. We also welcome your comments and links to items you think would be of interest to our SMHC audience. We want this to be a one-stop-shop for education talent and human capital management issues, but we need your continuous feedback to do so. 

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