SMHC Task Force members moving up

Three SMHC Task Force members have been voted into higher positions in their national organizations.  Dennis Van Roekel was elected President of the National Education Association at the recent NEA national convention in Washington, D.C., and at the American Federation of Teachers convention that just ended in Chicago, Antonia Cortese was elected as Secretary/ Treasurer and […]

Visit us often

In the months to come, you can expect to see on this site the fruits of this movement’s labor.  You will find case studies of districts that are effectively managing talent, video from SMHC’s Annual Conference, top research in the field, education talent management news, feedback from the community, guest posts from the Task Force […]

SMHC’s Unique Web Home

You’ll notice that this Web site looks a little different than the sites of other education organizations. We’ve designed this specifically to frequently post new content and gather feedback from you to help drive the conversation about what Strategic Management of Human Capital (SMHC) is all about. We have a “Resources” page where we will […]

What is SMHC?

What is SMHC?  SMHC, or Strategic Management of Human Capital, is the movement devoted to driving the necessary changes in school districts that will transform human resource processes and procedures to manage talent to dramatically improve classroom instruction, teacher effectiveness and student achievement.  “Strategic management” means incorporating research-based practices that have worked in districts around […]

The launch of SMHC

Welcome to the Web home of Strategic Management of Human Capital (SMHC).    We are SMHC’s co-directors: Allan Odden, director of the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE) and professor of educational leadership and policy analysis at University of Wisconsin, and Jim Kelly, founding president of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.    […]